Below I’ve listed a bunch of my favourite eating disorder resources. All of these have been helpful to me at some point, and I continue to regularly use some of them for motivation, inspiration and advice.


Tabitha Farrar –

The No Nonsense Guide –

Relative Energy (blog by the author of the No Nonsense Guide) –

Ari Snaevarsson –

Christy Harrison –

Follow the Intuition –

Caroline Dooner –

Jake Linardon –

The Autoregulatory Eating Course –

Youtube Channels:

Tabitha Farrar –

Follow the Intuition –

Megsy Recovery –

Hat Will Beat This –


Breaking Up With Binge Eating Podcast –

The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast (Tabitha Farrar) –

Christy Harrison – The Food Psych Podcast –

The Fuckit Diet Podcast –


Love Fat –

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover! –

100 Days of Food Freedom –

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works –

The Fuckit Diet –

33 Ways to Break Free From Binge Eating –

BrainwashED: Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In and How To Recover –

The Happiness Trap – (ACT Therapy)